Hands-on beer made fresh for here.

We make beer.

It’s pretty simple really. Hops, malt, water and yeast - no nasties thrown in. Better for the people, better for the palate, better for the planet.

Everything is done hands on at our brewery in Avalon. Every one of our beers is a limited edition by default because we don’t have the ability to make that much of it. 

To help give back, we donate a % of our profit to Seabin, a non-profit dedicated to keeping coastal areas like ours clean and pristine. If that doesn’t deserve a cheers, we don’t know what does. 

So, raise your glass (or your tin) to things done simply and cleanly. It’s the only way we can get away with being dirtbags otherwise.

  • Lager

    A good old faithful refresher. Easy drinking for easy talking.

  • Pale Ale

    A lightly-hopped ale best enjoyed with your dickhead mates. 

  • Mid Strength

    Lighter on booze but large on deliciousness. Get it (responsibly) in ya.

  • Milk Stout

    A hearty brew for hearty crew. Creamy, chocolatey, stouty. 

  • Japanese Stye Lager

    A lip-smackingly dry beer that’s crisper than a bag of chips.

  • Pacific Ale

    Fancy a fancy one? This modern Aussie ale delivers fruity floral notes.